Dan Goodman and Kayla Goodman

Adamo Kennels came to be in January 2012. We are located in Waukesha, WI and is owned by Kayla and Dan Goodman. Kayla has been in this breed her whole life time, getting her first GSP from Eve Parsons of Bleugras Kennels, who continues to mentor Kayla through the years. Now moving on, she has started her own GSP Kennel with her husband Dan. Kayla has also owned a Doberman, Australian Terrier, English Cocker, as well as her GSP's and Bullmastiffs with her husband.

Dan was born and raised in the Midwest, he has lived in the Waukesha, WI area for 16 years now. The past 14 years have been mostly Bullmastiff years, although a few Rottweilers and a couple Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have been in the picture as well. He is also just starting in GSP's, co-owning Vogue and having his first litters with our Vogue~Tomba baby and our most recent Vogue~Diesel Puppies.

Here we strive for excellence, but also with the dogs best interests in mind. Here at Adamo Kennels we breed to better our kennel in all aspects with a Quality over Quantity mindset. More is not necessarily better and we strive to breed the best. Some of our dogs do work out in the field, work in the show ring and some just chilling on the couch. Our dogs are wonderful pets before anything else, the titles are just the extras to a wonderful dog!