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We breed, show, love and raise German Shorthaired Pointers and Bullmastiffs. This kennel does not breed for money or for a profit, but we do so to better our kennel and the breed. Enjoy our site!

German Shorthaired Pointer General Information

In general, GSP's are highly energetic, athletic dogs which are known for their endurance.  They need exercise and fenced yards, or a runner in the family.  Older dogs can be less active and are ideal placements with families who want a calmer pet.  Ideal placement is with a family who can provide the animal with attention.  They have at times been described as velcro because they can be quite clingy and are extremely affectionate by nature.  GSP's are devoted, often to the point of dependency. They also are versatile all purpose hunting dog. Keep in mind they are hunting dogs and will chase anything that moves.